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Look After Your Health This Winter

Live-in carer helping client at winter

The winter season can always be difficult for older people whose health may already be at risk like elderly people and those with disabilities. As excited as we are at the possibility of a white Christmas, we're also feeling the cold - and we're sure you are too! It's important to keep yourself and your loved ones warm and ensure the cold weather isn't affecting your health.

As a live-in carer, helping to keep your clients healthy, as well as looking after your own health, is no doubt on the top of your priority list. We have put together a list of things to help you and your clients keep warm this winter and avoid getting ill right before the festivities start.

5 tips on what to do to keep warm in winter

- An important tip is to wear lots of layers to keep you warm - encourage your client that you provide home care for, to wear woolly jumpers, thermal under layers, cosy socks and warm slippers. Also, by wearing socks to bed it can help to keep you warm during the night.

- If you or your client that you provide in home care services for are braving the outdoors in freezing temperatures, make sure you wear a warm hat, scarf, gloves and a waterproof warm coat. Also, make sure you have a good grip on your shoes in case it is slippery on the ground! If you have an elderly loved one who needs 24hour support, we can help by arranging a live-in carer to come and live with them in their own home. Call us on 0800 980 3958 or email to have a chat about live-in care.

- Keep a warm blanket handy – try to have one near you during the day and take an extra blanket to bed with you just to make it that much warmer. We love snuggling up in the evenings with warm and cosy throws and blankets - stick on a film like Miracle on 34th Street and enjoy a hot chocolate whilst you're at it!

- A top tip from one a live-in carer of ours at Access Care was to try and ensure their client has at least one hot meal a day. This could be as simple as having a bowl of yummy soup. Having a hot drink will also help to keep you warm – why not enjoy a hot chocolate or a cup of tea! Also, make sure to stock up on long lasting foods in case the weather takes a turn and it is difficult to head to the shops.

- Try and take measures to ensure you're keeping the house as warm as you can. The temperatures recommended are 18C for your bedroom and 21 degrees for your living room. This will help you stay warm during the day and at night. To help keep heat in, invest in thicker curtains and keep them closed, keep windows and doors closed around the house, Keep an eye on mini draughts which can come through the letter box, cat flaps, and key holes. Read more on how to help keep your home warm here: BBC.

- If you haven't done so already, make sure to ask your Doctor for your flu vaccination!

We hope you stay warm and healthy through the festive season! If you or your loved one could benefit from having a live-in carer live with you, we would love to help you arrange the finest carer. Call us on 01264 319399.


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