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June Spencer - A True Inspiration

June Spencer - A True Inspiration

The better life style we have, the longer we live. It is a fact!

On 31st of July, June Brocksom CBE, professionally known as June Spencer, a 103-year-old actor, has retired from The Archers after 60 years being in the programme.

Some may remember The Archers, a BBC radio drama, that has been broadcasting since 1951. Initially it was known as "an everyday story of country folk" but later was promoted to "a contemporary drama in a rural setting". Having aired over 19,500 episodes, it is the world's longest-running drama.

June’s radio career began in 1943 after she finished her music and drama study and gain her LGSM diploma. It was a bit achievement for a young person from Nottingham. In 1950 June became a founder member of the cast of The Archers. Today, June Spencer is one of the longest-serving actors worldwide.

Being undoubtedly one of the UK most favourite actors, June she has done a great job of highlighting the issues of people with dementia and their carers with her heart-warming performance of Peggy Woolley, previously Peggy Archer – one of the main soap’s characters.

Commenting on her time on the programme, June said: “I have loved being part of The Archers. It always felt like I was a part of something good, where listeners to the programme could relate to the storylines and take comfort they were not alone.” The Independent newspaper once described June’s voice as ‘the epitome of reassurance’.

This was the time when June was combating challenges of her own personal life when she lost her husband to vascular dementia. That is why she knew how hear-breaking and devastating it can be.

In 2005 June has been a supporter of the Alzheimer’s Research UK. She helped during the charity fundraising campaigns and raised thousands of pounds for research.

Tim Parry, Communications Director of Alzheimer’s Research UK, called her “a trail-blazer in raising awareness about dementia, recreating her experiences of caring for someone with dementia on one of the most public of platforms on The Archers.”

June was committed to portray the daily challenges of caring for someone with dementia. Her efforts gathered public support for the condition at a time when people know very little about this condition.

It was also time when care services, and Live-in care / in home dementia care especially, was not as developed as it is now. We now know that Live-in Care is life saving for people suffering from dementia. Home Care 24/7 and support provided by Live-in Carers make these people’s life more comfortable.

In 2017 June Spencer has been awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for her work raising the profile of dementia.

Jeni Rushton, a Regional Director at Care UK, pointed out that “June’s work ethic is an inspiration to us all and her commitment and dedication to remain active and continue pursuing her interests is something we can all learn from.”

June’s time on the Archers is unrivalled, yet, there are numerous stars who have performed decades on Britain’s most-loved soap operas and become a familiar face for generations of fans.

Leslie Phillips is also on this list and is best known for his role in the British comedy series Carry On as well as the film Doctor in the House. More recently, Phillips voiced the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter film series. Leslie is now 97 and says that he is 'too young to pop off' - even after surviving two strokes. His wife, also his former carer, helped him through the strokes.

These people are true inspiration to all of us. But what is their secret of staying active for longer? In their own words, pursuing something they really love “releases chemicals in brain which are known to boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy, and decrease stress hormones.”

Having a Live-in Carer is not a luxury, it is a way of living life the way you want it with a helping hand when you need it. Having a companion who look after your loved one all around clock fills life of your loved ones with positive emotions. They can remain independent and stress free in the comfort of their own homes. Get in touch to discuss your Live-in Care option with Access Care. Our friendly customer care team is happy to help you - email us on


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