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How To Use Digital Media To Find A Live In Care Agency Or Book Clients

Live-in carer looking for jobs on her laptop wearing a relaxed sweater

As a live-in carer, there are many opportunities online which can help you find the right live-in care agency to register with, or find clients directly.

Here we share just some of our tips on how to use digital media to find work, or find agencies to register with - all for free.

  1. Google Search is your best friend! We love using Google Search - in fact, it's the first place we turn to when we need to find something or have a question we need answers for. Google is the most commonly used search platform - all you do is simply head to and type in Live-in Care Jobs UK. Or wherever in the world you'd like to work! We can guarantee many opportunities for work will come up on those search results.

  2. Widen your keywords. Within Google you can use multiple combinations of 'keywords' - this means the phrases you would use to ask questions. Another good 'keyword' to use in Live-in Care Agencies UK - this will bring up all of the live-in care agencies in the UK. You can search through the list of agencies, visit their websites and decide which agency is the best one for you.

  3. Facebook is key. Most of us have a Facebook account and if you don't yet, we suggest you make one because we use Facebook on a daily basis to talk to carers and advertise work opportunities. Facebook is easy to set up, it's free to use, and you can connect with a whole community of groups within the platform - simply search for live-in care, or live in care jobs, and you will find many pages and groups which will help you find the right job. You can also 'Like' and 'Follow' your favourite agencies to get their updates on work - click to follow Access Care here.

  4. Set up a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a social media platform which is aimed at professionals, recruitment agencies, and those people looking to find work. It works on a similar basis to Facebook and you can connect with recruiters, find jobs, and follow your favourite companies. Click to follow Access Care here.

  5. Use platforms like Gumtree. We often use Gumtree to find clients and carers - simply visit the platform and search for live-in care jobs. You may come across profiles of individuals who want to employ a private carer, and some will only accept agencies in which case you'll need to register with an agency like ours. You can then set up a profile if you find something suitable and message the client directly to talk about the job.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 tips on how to find work as a live in carer by using digital media! If you want to register with us as a self-employed live-in carer, please call our team on 01264 319399 or email and our team would be delighter to help you find work!


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