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How To Stay Healthy With Limited Mobility

Elderly woman with limited mobility in wheelchair smiling at her Live-in Carer

Are you trying to make changes to your lifestyle and stay on the healthy path? Or perhaps your loved one has limited mobility but they would like to change their daily habits for the better to enhance wellbeing? You can introduce simple changes to your diet, add light exercises, and keep your mind entertained which will all lead to staying healthy in both body and mind, with limited mobility.


Diet is so important to overall health - you really are what you eat, so make it nutritious and healthy! You don't have to make a huge change all at once, instead focus on small changes so your new diet is sustainable and you won't be tempted to each *too* many sugary, salty, or fatty treats. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Avoid processed foods. It's easier said than done as so many foods these days are made for convenience and are therefore processed for ease and longevity. Processed foods can be high in sugar and additives, and little natural goodness - so try to eat more natural veggies and fruits, meat and fish, and grains and carbohydrates. If you need assistance cooking, a Live-in Carer will be more than happy to help you, or cook the meal for you! Having a balanced plate such as rice, steamed salmon, broccoli and a lemon and olive oil dressing means that you can have that cheeky chocolate biscuit after dinner with your cup of tea knowing your body has received all the goodness for dinner in your meal!

  • Drink plenty of water. We're all a little guilty about forgetting to hydrate - yet it's one of the most important elements of a healthy diet. To help, you can buy a bottle which prompts you to drink at certain times by having a measurement line on it, or keep a big bottle of water by your side throughout the day so it's always within reach when you feel thirsty!

  • Look after your portions - with limited mobility you're burning less calories, so you might need to decrease your portion size to reflect this. The easiest way to do is is simply find a smaller plate to use for your meals!

Having a live-in carer can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Home care is a great option for seniors who need assistance with daily tasks like grocery shopping and meal preparation. A live-in carer can also provide companionship care during meal times, which can make eating a more enjoyable experience. With the support of a live in carer, seniors can continue to eat healthily and maintain their independence for as long as possible.


Exercise has proven to increase mental and physical health, it's a great way to keep in shape - even if you have limited mobility, you can still enjoy a fitness routine. Here are some ways you can exercise, but remember to always tailor exercise routines to your ability:

  • Start slow and simple - why not try a 10-15 minute exercise session the first few times? You want to build up your strength and stamina, and throwing yourself right into a 60 minute session can tire you out and make the experience stressful and not pleasant.

  • Try exercises such as yoga, chair exercise, hydrotherapy, or wheelchair sports - find one that you enjoy most and look forward to doing.

  • Stretch in the morning and evening - this will keep your muscles moving, and it feels great to either wake up the body in the morning, or have a nice easy stretch before bed.

  • Have a dance! Make moving your body fun - put on your favourite song and enjoy a boogie!


Exercising your mind is just as important as your body. Keeping an active mind means you can keep symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's progressing quickly. Mental health is a big topic in healthcare, so it's just as important to look after your mental wellbeing as it is your physical health. Here are a few ideas on how to do so:

  • Read a book. Pick up and old favourite or something new to try - reading is a brilliant way to unwind and kickstart your imagination! You can learn something new, or imagine experiences, all which will stimulate the brain.

  • Puzzles and crosswords are a brilliant way to keep your mind active - one of our favourites is sudoku!

  • Colouring books have soothing effects and can help us feel more mindful, whilst expressing creativity. If you enjoy arts, why not take it further and try paining on a canvas!

We understand how important it is to keep a healthy lifestyle when you have limited mobility, so we're here to help you arrange support in the form of a Live-in Carer. Live in Carers can help with daily exercises, cook you nutritious and healthy meals, play a board game, have a dance with you, and enjoy your favourite TV show with a cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of the day.

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