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How Do I Find A Live-In Care Job As A Self-Employed Carer?

Elderly woman in pink jumper having her hair brushed by a live-in carer

Short answer – join a Live-in care agency that specialises in finding work for Live-in Carers.

When you are looking for work as a live in Carer you will be asking yourself and

searching ‘how do I find a live-in Care job?'. An agency will help you by having clients they can introduce you to. You can choose the client and then the client has the opportunity to choose you in return and so you come together having chosen each other and it should work very well - we like to think of it as ‘match-making’!

And then you want to be sure that you start on the right foot in the right environment and can happily look after your client to the best of your ability.

I’m Tahira, Recruitment Consultant at Access Care and I’m always happy to answer questions from livein Carers keen to know how to find their next client. Here’s a look at how Access Care offers work to the Home Carers we have registered with us.

How Do I Find Out Which Jobs Are Available And Where?

Once registered with the agency, a list of available job placements is emailed to

you weekly; each job description gives you information to help you choose which

client you might be interested in. It will tell you who the client is, the length of time for this particular job placement, the rate the client is looking to pay, information about their health condition and care requirements, their home environment, where they live and any other information to help you decide whether to go for the job. It will also say what sort of domiciliary carer the client is looking for too – lady or gentleman, driver or non-driver, etc., so watch out for that too! There is a wide variety of situations to choose from and every one of them is different.

Another way a job may become available is as a direct introduction, which is sometimes made where you will be approached by the agency for a potential client who is considered an excellent match for you. However, you are completely free to decide whether you take the job or not.

It’s your choice, as being positive and happy helps you look after your client to the best level. You will not be forced to take any post you don’t want.

Can I Choose How Long My Job Placement Will Be For?

The joy of being self-employed is that you choose your own working pattern. So when you have received the list of available job placements, you will notice that the length of each job placement is indicated by ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates, or sometimes as ‘on-going’, in which case you choose how long you wish to stay and, in the case of an on-going placement, when you take your leave or your break from the job. However, it is important and expected that you commit for the period you have chosen.

Note: the shortest time for a job placement is usually one week.

How Do I Get The Job I Have Chosen?

Once you’ve made your choices, let the agency know which job placements you would like to be introduced to. Your CV will then be presented to the client or clients you’ve chosen. Please bear in mind that there may be more than one home carer applying for the same job placements and it is the client, or their family, who will choose from among the CVs the carer who they feel is the right match for them.

Once chosen we work with you and the client to ensure everyone is happy with the offer and the terms and off you go!

Best wishes



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