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How Can My Family Benefit From Live-in Care?

Live-in Carer helping elderly client

Live-in Care is a type of at home care that involves a Carer living in the home of the person receiving care. This type of care has a number of benefits, both for the person receiving care and for their loved ones - providing true peace of mind for the whole family.

One of the main benefits of Live-in Care is that it allows the person receiving care to remain in the comfort of their own home, which is a great alternative to care homes. For many people, the thought of moving into a residential care home can be overwhelming and distressing. With Live-in Care, the person receiving care can continue to live in their own home, surrounded by their favourite items and familiar routines, which can provide a sense of continuity and security. Staying in familiar surroundings with round-the-clock care can help prevent falls and injuries.

Another benefit of Live in Care is that it can be more cost-effective than other options such as a car home. In a care home, the cost can include not only the cost of care, but also the cost of room and add ons. With Live-in Care, the Carer is provided with a separate living room within your loved ones home.

Live-in Care can also provide more flexibility and customisation than other types of care. The Carer can work with the person receiving care and their loved ones to create a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This can include things like assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, as well as help with medication management and transportation to appointments.

In addition to the benefits for the person receiving care, Live-in Care can also be beneficial for their loved ones. For family members who are unable to provide the necessary care themselves, Live in Care can offer peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving the care they need. It can also provide respite for family carers, who may be feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

If you are interested in arranging a Live-in Care for yourself or your elderly relatives, give us a call on 01264 319 399.


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