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How Can Live-in Carers Help At Christmas?

Live-in carer giving elderly man a Christmas present

Christmas is a truly magical time when we all get together to celebrate, have fun, catch up, exchange gifts, and eat delicious food. Often our elderly relatives who live independently come to stay with us for the festive season, or even just for the day - but what happens if circumstances mean they are unable to do so this year? We are on a mission to ensure your elderly relatives and loved ones living alone are well looked after!

We help families arrange home carers to come and live with their relatives or loved ones in the comfort of their own home. The domiciliary carers will stay at home and keep your loved ones company throughout the festive period, keep them safe, and help them stay in touch with their friends and family.

Here are just some ideas of how live-in elderly care can benefit your loved one, and how a home carer can help at home:

  • Help with food shopping, prescriptions, sending mail: A live-in carer can pop out for essentials, help order grocery shopping online, help shop for Christmas presents and cards online, and then send presents and cards to relatives and friends.

  • Keeping the house warm: Keeping the home warm is very important during the colder months to prevent any illnesses - a live-in carer will ensure the home temperature stays at a steady degree, rooms which are used are heated, and any fires, burners are used safely.

  • Avoiding loneliness: A livein carer is a companion who will be there with your relative when they have to stay at home - we help match you with carers that have similar interests and hobbies so you can both enjoy your favourite activities. A carer is there to watch favourite TV programmes, chat and reminisce, listen to music, get crafty, and even bake together! What's even better is a live-in carer will help your loved ones stay connected with their family and friends via video calls.

  • Specialised care: If your loved one has a condition which needs special care, we will match you with the home carer who can provide this - if the condition is dementia and Alzheimer's the domiciliary carer will be able to spend time helping with sensory activities; for those who require mobility help we have home carers especially trained in this; as well as administering medicine and using hoists.

  • Someone to keep an eye on your relative: A live-in carer will be there 24hrs a day which means they will be the first to notice any changes in health - be this a new cough, high temperature, confusion, forgetfulness, or any other changes. You will have complete peace of mind that your loved one will be looked after day and night.

We have already helped many families across the nation find their perfect livein carer!

If you would like to arrange elderly live-in care, call our friendly advisors on 01264 319399 or email - stay safe at home this Christmas.


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