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Good Care Month - Live In Care With Access Care

Elderly woman with Live-in Carer

During July we observe the Good Care Month which aims to acknowledge our hard-working Live-in care workers and the care at home services they provide for those in need throughout the U.K. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight just some of the things that a Live-in Carer can help you with:

Support with personal care

At times and in ways that you choose. This might include bathing, showering, dressing, and undressing and general support with your personal appearance. Your Live-in carer will listen to your preferences and how you like things to be done and help accordingly.

Support with continence

Accessing the bathroom, using the toilet, or more complex support such as catheter and stoma care where required. We introduce Home Carers who have the right experience & training who know exactly how to help you.

Support with mobility

Our experienced Domiciliary Carers are there to help you in any way they can. That might be helping you transfer, pushing your wheelchair, or just being there when you are walking to help give you confidence.

Assisting with medication

Your Living in Carer will be fully trained in the safe administration of medication. They will be happy to support you with ordering and collecting prescriptions. They can gently prompt if needed when medication is due and can support you with pain management.

Domestic Duties

The day-to-day running of the home, including hoovering, dusting, other light housework, and laundry. Some of our in home elderly Carers also love gardening. They will be very happy to help you in your outdoor spaces. They will also be help with things like reading recipes, labels, dealing with correspondence and helping with shopping.

Preparing and Cooking Meals

Prepared to your liking using fresh ingredients, ensuring you are provided with a nutritious and balanced diet accommodating any special dietary requirements. Our Live-in carers will welcome your input in the kitchen and cooking together can be an enjoyable social activity. They can also support you with cutting up food or assist you with eating if that makes life easier.


Chatting and watching TV or listening to music together. A lot of our Live-in Carers stay with their clients for a long time and become friends, offering companion care. You can employ a Home Carer as a companion even if you don’t need very much help with your care yet.

Pet Care

Our Live-in carers will enjoy helping you take care of your beloved pets. That may include walking them, feeding them and arranging or supporting with vet visits when needed.

Support to arrange and attend activities in and out of the home

Visits to friends and family or attending places of interest to you and even accompanying you on holiday. A Home carer will facilitate and welcome your loved ones to visit you at home.

Support with your physical and mental health

Your Live-in Carer will support you to contact your local surgery for GP or district nurse and other healthcare professionals involved in your care. They will be able to support and accompany you to GP and hospital appointments.

Live in Carers can help improve the quality of life for individuals who require additional care and support - if you would like to talk to us about arranging Live-in Care call us today on 01264 319 399


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