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Fun Activities You Can Do For Your Live-in Care Client On Valentines Day!

Fun activities to do for your Live-in Care Client

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we wanted to share the love and spread positivity around this occasion. Not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, and for some it could be a glum day if their partner has passed away - but we have put together a couple of activity ideas for home carers that don't involve romance, just fun!

But first, do you know how Valentine's Day came to be?

The story goes that St Valentine is believed to have been a priest in Rome in the third century AD. An emperor banned marriage as he thought men who were married would be classed as ‘bad soldiers’. St Valentine disagreed and thought this was unfair and began to arrange secret marriages. From this, it is believed that Valentine’s Day began as a tradition at a Roman festival, the festival was to celebrate the beginning of their spring. It is believed that at the festival, boys would draw names of girls in the village out of a box. They would meet during the festival and get married. The festival later turned into a Christian celebration, and was a day to celebrate St Valentine.

Without further delay, here are some ideas for live-in carers to celebrate with their client!

  • Try a new recipe for dinner – just make sure you check for any allergies or anything the other person does not like to eat!

  • Create a questionnaire for each other and find out things you never knew about the other person. This can be a lot of fun to find out new things or reminisce on the memories your client had with their loved ones - or if they're a couple they can reminisce together!

  • Learn a new skill together – something that you both want to try like painting or learning a new language.

  • Have a movie night with snacks, like popcorn or bake your favourite treats beforehand. Ask your client what their favourite movie was when they were younger.

  • Write a bucket list of things they want to do, and if they're a couple the things they want to do together. This could be having a day out of travelling somewhere together, or trying a new activity they have always wanted to try!

  • If your live-in care client loves books, ask them what book they would like to read next and read to them.

Access Care is a live in care agency. With our full-time home care support, you will receive round-the-clock assistance tailored to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated live-in care team is committed to ensuring that you not only enjoy a high quality of life but also have the freedom to live as independently as possible alongside our living in carers, while retaining control and choice over your daily routines. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and friendly 24-hour live-in care, allowing you to feel supported and empowered every step of the way.


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