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Easter Activity Ideas For Elderly

Easter activities for the elderly | Live-in Care

Easter is a holiday which brings family together and fills homes with joy and laughter. It’s important to keep this spirit up especially for our elderly relatives.

We put together a list of easy-to-do Easter activities for elderly that you can do with your relatives. They will not take much of your time and are sure to bring joy and happiness to your mum or dad, pops or nanny!

Get creative

We do not do much of crafting nowadays because of busy schedules, let’s be honest. We are spoilt with choices when it comes to decorating our house with gorgeous decor in the shops. Easter gives us an egg-cellent opportunity to wake up our creativity!

Nothing can beat handmade decorations which you can keep in a memory box after Easter. They are not just unique – they make memories which get passed from generation to generation. They also stimulate the brain activity which is extremely important when you care for an elderly person. Here are some craft ideas:

  • Paint some eggs (they do not have to be real - you can get fake eggs from craft shops). Bright spring colours will definitely lift the mood, and seeing these decorations around the house will make everyone feel happy!

  • Why not make your own Easter cards? All you will need is coloured paper, Easter-themed stickers and some markers. Encourage your loved ones to get creative and then help post them. It is a great activity as it gives a sense of purpose to your elderly relatives, which is extremely important.

  • Make a gift! Everyone loves the smell of lavender - it's so relaxing and calming. Help your elderly relative make a lavender sachet which they can give to friends and family.

  • Do your loved ones enjoy working with yarn or fabric? A knitted bunny or a chick made of felt is a great activity. Don’t know how to knit? Not a problem – it is so easy to make a washcloth bunny, just give it a shape and secure with rubber ribbons. Don’t forget to add eyes and a bow tie!

Visit a tea room

Staying social is very important as we get older. We retire from work, we lose touch with old friends and colleagues, our neighbours move away, and our family begins to grow their own family. All this can lead to less social interaction in later life. In some cases, the lack of social interaction can lead to loneliness in elderly. According to AgeUK, as many as 1.9 million older people often feel invisible or ignored, and 3.6 million live alone here in the UK. Going to a town tea room will definitely bring joy to your elderly and help them make new friends in the area!


Baking is another great activity to keep your loved one engaged. What is their favourites? Hot cross buns or Victoria Sponge? Muffins or cupcakes? Whatever they choose will be extremely delicious to eat and fun to create. The process is as enjoyable as the final product. These happy memories will stay with all of you forever.

If you're in need of home care or companionship care, look no further than our live-in carers who are always happy to roll up their sleeves and get baking with you. With their caring companionship and helpful 24 hour care & assistance, baking becomes much more than just a fun activity - it's a bonding experience that can bring so much joy into your life.

Start a windowsill garden

Growing a small garden is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. A herb garden is perfect for this activity. Watering the plants each day, watching them grow and eventually tasting the delicious results will definitely make your loved ones happy and gives them a sense of purpose.

Our Live-in Carers help your loved ones and relatives stay living independently in their own homes - to find out more call our team on 01264 319 399.


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