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Do I Have To Drive To Be A Live-In Carer?

Short answer – no!

Longer answer – Home Carers that can drive do get offered more work.

Most clients would prefer to have a Domiciliary Carer that can drive, so if you are happy to learn, go for it! Whilst being a driver is popular with clients, it is not a requirement to be a driver to register with Access Care. We have plenty of work for everyone.

Young Woman Working As A Live-in carer in a car

Travel Costs

Travel to and from your client is always at your own cost, as it would be for any job.

Using Your Own Car

Some at home Carers that drive take their own car to their clients and are happy to drive their clients in their car. It is your responsibility to ensure your car is roadworthy, safe, has a valid MOT, tax and insurance.

Using Your Client’s Car

Some clients provide a car for the Live in Carer to drive so ask Access Care to find them a Carer who can drive a car. You can ask the agency what type of car it is (size, auto/manual etc) before you accept work to ensure you are confident to drive it.

Fuel Costs At Work

If you have agreed to drive your client around during your work with them, then it is usual for the client to pay towards your fuel expenses. However, it is your responsibility to clarify this with the client or the client’s family when going into the work. It may be that an agreement is to pay expenses at the usual accepted rate of45p per mile (Feb 2021), or they may agree an extra amount to cover fuel.

Manual Or Automatic?

Clients that have mobility vehicles are often ‘automatic.’ If you can drive a manual car then you can drive an automatic.

Driving Licence

If you are a driver or plan to drive your client at any time, as part of the recruitment process we require to see your driving licence. You will be asked to send a photograph of both the front and back of your licence at the time you register with us.


If you use your own car to drive your client, you pay for your insurance. You will need ‘business insurance cover’ on your car and we strongly recommend you speak with your car insurance company for details. If you are going to drive the client’s car, they should have your name added to their insurance and they will pay. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are insured to drive a car so make sure you see the insurance policy.

Paying for Parking

If your client has asked to go into town then it is their responsibility to pay the parking ticket. If you have gone to town then you would pay.

If there is any other question you feel has not been covered above, please ask us!


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