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Dementia - Finding The Right Home Care Option

Elderly woman with dementia sitting with elderly husband and a Live-in Carer

Does having the right care make a difference to a loved one living with dementia? We believe choosing the right care for dementia is vital, and should be assessed per the needs of the individual.

Dementia is a brain disorder which causes the brain to stop functioning as it normally should. The symptoms are varied from person to person but often include:

  • Severe mood changes

  • Problems speaking

  • Memory loss

  • Not being able to recognise people

  • Feeling disoriented or lost

  • Struggling to complete daily tasks

People with dementia can carry on living at home with the help of a loved one, a carer, or move into a care home. Those living alone are at risk of accidents, and loneliness which has proven negative effects on dementia - avoiding loneliness can slow down its progression. A Live-in Carer for dementia can provide companionship care whenever it is needed - from sitting down for a chat over a cup of tea, to having fun enjoying sensory activities together to stimulate the brain function.

Staying in the comfort of their own home, your loved one could slow down dementia as they will be in familiar surroundings and routines, in a place surrounded by warm memories. Moving into a care home can sometimes be traumatic, and increase stress levels which has a negative impact on anyone, but especially those people living with dementia.

Choosing the right type of care for dementia patients is important - the options which minimise trauma and stress are of course the preferred options. Some might start with visiting care, and progress to having a Live-in Carer once the dementia progresses and people are no longer able to look after themselves. Care at home options allow your loved one to stay in the comfort of their own home, an option which can slow down the progression of dementia. They can stay living with their partner, or maybe a beloved pet! A Live-in Carer will be on hand to cook nutritious meals, enjoy sensory stimulating activities, take your loved one to medical appointments, and administer medicine. Some of our carers are specifically trained to look after people with dementia so they can provide the best possible care for the condition.

If you are looking to arrange dementia care at home, we would be delighted to help you - call our friendly advisors on 01264 319 399 today.


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