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DIY Corner - How To Decorate Pumpkins For Autumn!

How to decorate pumpkins for autumn | Elderly activities

The start of September marks the beginning of Autumn. The leaves start to change, different fruits and vegetables come into season and the days get cooler. It is common for people to switch decorations in their house with the change of the seasons as it can alter the feeling of the home and can bring new energy into people's lives. When choosing decorations for the new season, it is suggested that you select items that match with the time of year. For example, pumpkins are a popular decoration for Autumn and can be placed in many areas of the home. Below is an easy way in which you can use pumpkins in your home decor!

What you will need

- Small white pumpkins (as many as you would like) 

- A Paint brush

- Paint colours of your choice, any type of paint is fine (we suggest pink of course!)

- Flowers that match your paint colours (optional)

- Small vases for flowers (optional)


- Prepare your pumpkins by giving them a wipe with a wet cloth and drying them with a paper towel gently to avoid bruising. Try to avoid getting the stem or bottom of the pumpkin wet as this can cause rot.

- Paint your pumpkins with your chosen colours. You may have to do more than one coat depending on what paint you have chosen. If you could not find any white pumpkins then paint your orange pumpkins with a white base and leave to dry before painting with colour. 

- Leave your pumpkins to dry and put flowers in small vases.

- Once your pumpkins are fully dry, put them in your desired place. We suggest making them into a nice centre piece for your dining room table, but the possibilities are endless!

We would love to see your pumpkin decorations - send your photos to and we will feature you in our pumpkin album on Facebook!

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