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Conversation Topics To Bring Laughter & Joy To Elderly People

Live-in carer talking to elderly woman

According to research carried out by Office for National Statistics, there are likely to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over in 50 years’ time. This is a population roughly the size of London. These are people who have experienced a lot, they are wise and well-spoken, and have a great sense of humour!

The pandemic created a communication deficit and elderly people have been affected the most. With many people turning to technology to keep conversations, elderly people may be left out so it's important to strike a conversation when you can - in a supermarket queue, on a dog walk, when you catch your neighbour outside their door.

It is important to talk about things you find interesting. Your elderly loved one or relative will definitely join in – they have so much to share!

Exchanging personal stories will connect you with new elderly friends, and you will be able to gently guide them so they remain involved in the conversation.

For elderly people with certain health conditions, keeping focus on a single conversation might be challenging. Or they might keep talking only about one thing. Be patient and engaged in the conversation.

One of the best topics is their past - you will hear so many interesting stories! People can talk about their life for hours, you only need to drop a question – how pretty/handsome they were, the type of clothes they (and their parents) wore, friends they hung out with, the places they travelled to…

What was it like to grow up in that era – what were some of the challenges, as well as benefits they might have experienced? What would they tell the younger generation about life back then?

Our elderly are the generation of hard-working people. They are proud of their careers and what they achieved, the achievements that gave their life meaning and joy. Do they remember what they spent their first salary on? Surely, they will bring a few funny stories back to life for both of you to enjoy!

Nowadays our children play the games that are so different to the ones their grandparents played. This could be not just interesting to talk about it but also quite educational. Some of the table games are now coming back to shop shelves. It would be real fun to play dominoes with your elderly loved one – be prepared to lose!

British are known for their true love for dogs and cats, and your loved ones might have many stories to tell about the pets they had. Did they stick to dogs and cats, or were there exotic parrots?

Weather is a must to talk about, especially if you live in the UK! There are 17 fascinating words for wet weather only – from mizzle to drizzle, and dreich to dibble. This topic is guarantee for a good conversation and plenty of laughter!

At Access Care, we understand that sometimes all an elderly relative needs is someone to sit down with and have a good chat with. That's why we provide compassionate companionship care services with our trained live-in carers. Our Home carers are not only there to attend to physical needs, but they also value social interaction with their clients and build meaningful relationships. A friendly conversation, a good laugh, a shared cup of tea - all of these simple gestures can make a world of difference in keeping our clients happy and fulfilled, and that's what motivates our live in carers every day. Find our more about our Livein care services today by calling our friendly team on 01264 319 399.


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