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Combatting Loneliness With Our Live-In Carers

Elderly people laughing

Loneliness Awareness Week runs from 12th – 18th June this year. You may be lonely because you’re on your own or you may be lonely even when you have people around you. BUT, you’re not on your own. Please reach out – there are lots of people who will be happy to try and make a difference to your life and the way you are feeling. Just talking to someone can help. Many of our clients take the first steps towards combatting loneliness by speaking to and sharing with our Live-In Carers.

The Age UK website has some great advice and ideas for older people to combat loneliness including their Telephone Friendship Service, The Silver Line Helpline and local face to face befriending services.

See for more information.

The Marmalade Trust is the UK’s leading loneliness charity for people of all ages and Loneliness Awareness Week is their campaign. The charity raises awareness of loneliness and empowers people to make connections with others.

The British Red Cross provide local support services, workshops and resources to help you deal with and overcome loneliness. They have a free confidential support line on 0808 196 3651 for advice on loneliness support.

We also have some great listeners at Access Care – please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team if you need us!

Preventing Loneliness in the Elderly with Home Carers

One effective solution to combating loneliness in the elderly is by arranging Live-in Care services. By opting for Live-in Care, our clients experience immediate improvements in both their emotional state and overall quality of life. It is worth noting that home care provides numerous ways in which the elderly can find fulfilment, even when they lack family or friends nearby. Consequently, Live-in Care serves as an excellent avenue to achieve these positive outcomes.


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