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Christmas Present Ideas For People With Dementia

Elderly people with dementia smiling wearing Santa hats at Christmas

With less than a month to go before Christmas, we round up some great present ideas for for people with various stages of dementia. If you are caring for a person with dementia, it can be tricky to decide what to get them for Christmas - the first step is understanding at what stage their dementia is. Finding this out will allow you to pick the right present for them to enjoy.

Christmas Presents For People With Early Stages Of Dementia

During the early stages of dementia it's important to keep the mind as active as possible, at the same time provide comfort for the times they may be confused or uncertain of something. Some present ideas for early stages of dementia might be:

  • A crossword or sudoku book

  • A puzzle (check level of difficulty)

  • A photo album

  • A tablet with large letters and photo contacts

  • Favourite films / music albums

  • A scrapbook of memories created by the whole family

Christmas Presents For People With Intermediate Stages Of Dementia

As dementia progresses, gifts which help your family member in everyday life will be useful and appreciated. You might not know their daily struggles, so why not ask them if they're finding anything particularly challenging and find a gift tailored to help? Some ideas are:

  • A medication dispenser which prompts them when to take their medicine, and which one to take

  • A personal alarm system so they can call for help if needed

  • A clock with large numbers

  • A blackboard for the kitchen so they can make notes

  • Mind stimulating craft activity boxes

  • Staircase lights which automatically turn on when a person walks past them in the dark

Christmas Presents For People With Advanced Stages Of Dementia

If your loved one has advanced stages of dementia, why not gift them a practical and comfort gift which will enhance their quality of life? Some ideas include:

  • A stuffed toy made from an item of clothing they loved when younger

  • Music albums from their young years

  • A warm and big blanket or throw

  • Moccasin slippers which won't slip off and risk a fall

  • A smart bottle or cup which prompts them to drink water

If you need help with dementia care, you can also think of giving the gift of Live in home dementia Care for your loved one, a gift benefiting the whole family. Many Living in Carers specialise in dementia and can help your loved one stay living in the comfort of their own home safely. If you would like to talk about home care and Live-in Care, call our friendly advisors on 01264 319 399, or email


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