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Christmas Activities for a Home Carer and Client to have some Festive Fun!

Live-in carer with client at christmas

We're feeling very festive in the office as Christmas is getting closer and closer. Christmas markets have opened their doors to visitors from all over the country to enjoy mulled wine and a bratwurst - a Christmas tradition! And thinking of traditions, we wanted to share with you some ideas of Christmas activities you can enjoy with your client:

1. Decorate your home. Get the Christmas decorations and the tree up the home. This is something fun you can do with your client and turn the home into a winter wonderland! For those that love crafts, you could even have a go at making some home-made decorations!

2. Christmas Cards. Why not ask your client if they would like help to write cards to friends and relatives? You can even create your own homemade cards together! You can help display any cards that you both receive around the house which will add to the Christmas decoration.

3. Christmas Lights. Wrap up nice and warm and ask your client if they would like to take a walk (or a drive) around the local area to take a look at all the Christmas lights. You could even make a nice hot drink to take with you to help keep you nice and warm - how about a hot chocolate?

4. Christmas Baking. Get busy in the kitchen and bake some festive treats. It’s great fun mixing, baking and decorating and tasty to eat – it’s a win-win situation! For those that consider themselves great bakers, why not try and build your own ginger bread house - the challenge is on!

5. Stay In Touch With Close Ones. Many people miss out on seeing loved ones during the festive season, which can bring spirits down. Ask your client if they would like help to set up Skype or FaceTime so they can chat to friends and family who live far away and wish them a Merry Christmas!

6. Christmas Radio. The radio is always playing some great Christmas tunes this time of year. Why not turn the music up in the house and have a good sing-a-long.

7. Go And Watch A Panto! We love a pantomime, and we're sure you will too! You will find that your local villages and towns do their own panto and many of them with early show times which helps if your client likes to go to bed early.

8. Carol Service. The local church will hold carol services in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Ask your client if they would like to enjoy the festive hymns.

9. Christmas Dinner. The best part of Christmas for us is Christmas dinner - turkey, cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, even the sprouts! You could cook a traditional Christmas dinner for you and your client - you can do this together and make it a fun and memorable experience.

10. Christmas Movies. Everyone loves a good Christmas film. It’s a great way to get into the festive spirit and there are so many to choose from! Some of our all time favourites include Miracle on 34thStreet, It’s A Wonderful Life & The Holiday.

We believe that Christmas is the season that brings people together, to share joy and create magical memories. The true essence of Christmas is not just in the presents that are exchanged, but in the precious moments of festive magic that you provide as a Live-in Carer.


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