Dementia Friendly Chair Based Exercises

Dementia Friendly Chair Based Exercises Access Care

If it's difficult for you to stand or walk, it shouldn't mean exercise can't be a part of your weekly routine. We have put together an easy chair exercise sequence which you can try at home!

Exercise as a part of your weekly routine can help ease symptoms and improve quality of life - but not everyone can take part in activities like running, cycling, or intense heart racing exercise classes. If that sounds like you, and you want to have exercise as a part of your healthy routine, then this chair-based exercise could be the one for you!

Before practicing these chair based exercises, make sure you put these fundamental rules into place:

- Choose a chair which is stable and solid! If you are using your wheelchair, make sure the brake is on!

- Wear comfortable clothing and have some water available to pause and drink throughout your exercise routine.

- Try and sit tall with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent at right angles.

- If you can, try and do these exercise at least twice a week and make them a part of your weekly routine.

- Start slowly and then gradually increase the repetitions of each exercise over time.

Co-Ordination Chair Exercises To Start

1. Tap each of your fingers in turn with your thumbs and then return to the start of the sequence.

2. Begin by touching your index fingers with your thumbs.

2. Touch your middle fingers with your thumbs.

3. Touch your third fingers with your thumbs.

4. Touch your little fingers with your thumbs.

Complete this sequence 10-20 times!

Leg Heel Digs

Move one foot out to place your heel on the ground, then your other foot remains flat on the ground. As your heel is placed on the floor, try and pull your toe towards your shin. Alternate legs and repeat.

Arm Cross Body

Put your right hand up and diagonally, then touch your left shoulder. Then move your right hand back down and onto the chair. Repeat motion, but this time alternate arms and use your left hand to touch your right shoulder. Only reach as far across as is comfortable for you - don't push yourself too much!

Ask your live-in carer to help you with these exercises and join in with you!

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