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Caring For Elderly Parents And Young Children - What About Yourself?

Live-in Care For Elderly Parents | Home Care Help

In the UK there are over 2million people who belong to the 'sandwich generation' - a group of middle-aged adults who provide care for both their ageing parents and their own young children.

You may find yourself looking after both elderly or disabled parents, and your children at the same time whilst balancing work, self-care, and a social life. Research has suggested this is happening more and more as people are living longer due to the advancement in medical care and science, as well as more families choosing to have children later in life. According to The Live-in Care Hub 'No Place Like Home' Report, 97% of people would not want to go into residential care but would prefer to stay living in the comfort of their own home as they get older. However, this means they will be needing more care which can put more pressure on the person looking after both households. Statistics have shown that family caregivers can suffer from carer burnout, stress, feelings of guilt, isolation and sometimes even depression. Your career and relationships may have been put on hold, or you may be struggling to juggle all elements of life at this time. A helping hand to take the pressure away from you and provide peace of mind for the whole family can come in the form of a live-in carer to come and live with your elderly parents and look after them whilst you have a much needed break.

A living in carer becomes a companion to your parent/s and helps them with daily chores, cooking, cleaning, washing & dressing, medication, and more complex care needs. Live-in care is cost comparative to a care home, and can even be a better solution in the case of couples. Carers are also happy to look after family pets meaning mum, dad, and their beloved dachshund can stay living comfortable in their own home, following familiar routines and staying independent!

Our friendly livein care advisors are here to help you find the perfect live-in carer for your family - call us today on 01264 319399 or email


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