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My Parents Need Help at Home – Where Do I Start?

Care for elderly parents - live-in care

When I got engaged, I remember noticing sparkling diamonds on the left hands of other women as I passed them in the street, I’d never noticed them before. When I became pregnant, I remember noticing ‘bumps’ everywhere, I’d never noticed them before. When I had a screaming toddler in the throws of a tantrum in Waitrose………okay, I had noticed those before, but my point is that in life I believe we are somewhat oblivious to situations that we do not need to be involved in. When we do need to, it is difficult to know where to turn for advice and guidance. When I got engaged, I bought books and magazines on weddings (millions actually). Similarly, when I became pregnant, I did the same. However, there is definitely a gap in the market for a book on care options! For some reason, as far as I can see there are a smattering of books that are designed to help you personally ‘care’ for an ageing parent or relative but none that list the ‘options’ available to you and them.

Where do you go for that?

Well, this is what the team at Access Care are busy working on to help members of our local community and beyond. We are empowering ourselves by honing our knowledge on every aspect of care. We have a lot stored already, from 25 years of being in the industry yet we believe we can do more and we want to.

Many of our dedicated carers become cherished friends within the families they assist. The core of live-in care involves residing temporarily with your client, delivering personalised care and support without the constraints of limited time. This distinctive approach empowers you to offer comprehensive assistance, tailored to their unique conditions, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life and establishing a genuine companionship. The gratification of knowing you have ample time to excel in your role while facilitating your client's comfort in their own home with the necessary care is truly fulfilling.

We want to become a place where people can come for a coffee (or stronger if you need it…..believe me, some of the people we help arrange care are literally at the end of their tethers), and ask all the questions you want to an actual ‘face.’

Some of the questions you may be needing an answer to include:

  • What is the cost of care?

  • What is Live-in Care?

  • How much is a Care Home compared to Care at Home?

  • What funding is available for elderly care?

  • How do I enquire and access funding?

  • How do I choose the right Care Home?

  • My parents won’t accept that they need help – how do I get around this?

  • Is a Care Home the only option?

  • What is equity release? Do I have to do that to pay for care?

  • My mother is adamant she doesn’t want another woman living in her home, what can I do?

  • I’m scared my parents won’t have enough money for the care they need. What happens then?

  • How much is hourly/visiting care compared to Live-in Care?

  • What does a Live-in Carer do, and do I have to book them full-time or can I have a week here and there to help?

  • Do I have to involve social services?

  • I need to adapt my parents’ home for their care, where do I start?

  • My parents trust the milkman more than me – help!

There are just so many questions and as we all know we can get lost in Google and sometimes end up in more of a muddle than when we started. These days, in England, we are lucky. There are many care options available and many are absolutely brilliant, but it is important to take advice on finding the right one for your loved one to:

  • Ensure they have the care and support they need

  • Ensure it is the most cost-effective solution for you all as a family

  • Ensure YOU and your parents will have true peace of mind

If you would like to chat to a Care Consultant from Access Care, then please pick up and dial our freephone number 01264 319399 today. If you are local (or happy to travel) make an appointment to come for coffee... or something stronger!

We are here to help you and most importantly we want to.


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