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Can You Get Live-in Care Support For Adult Mental Health?

Older man in glasses sat on the sofa with a blonde live-in carer both laughing

Providing support for an adult with a mental health condition can be a full time job depends on what their condition is. Many mental health conditions are considered 'hidden disabilities', so as well as caring for the person you may find you are managing other's perception of their behaviour and symptoms as they can't 'see' their disability.

Hidden disabilities can be debilitating, and will interfere with the day to day activities of the person affected. According to the Hidden Disabilities website 80% of people with a disability have a hidden disability. Mental health conditions are often behind this statistic.

If you are caring for an adult with a mental health condition you may think yourself different from some other carers who perhaps look after a physical disability or an elderly person with affected mobility and diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's. But you shouldn't - just as any other caregiver, you are providing care and support, often times around-the-clock. And just as other carers, you may find from time to time you could benefit from having a break, or allowing someone else to take over the role of carer so you can focus on your own life.

Arranging a Live-in Carer to help with adult mental health means your relative will have:

  • Continuous emotional support

  • Support with day to day tasks at home

  • Emotional support during hard times

  • Companionship care during days out, shopping trips and appointments

  • Encouragement to keep social and go to community events

  • Help with medication prompts and medical appointments

  • Support with pets or help with organising a support animal

A Live-in Carer becomes more than a carer - they become a trusted companion, a friend, an advocate, someone to be there for you day and night. A home carer will help your loved one live their life independently with just a little support during those times they can't help themselves, or need an extra hand. Having a Livein Carer means you get the quality continuity of care which will help with mental health conditions - be this short term, or long term.

We would be delighted to help you find out more about arranging live in care to support a mental health condition - call us on 01264 319 399 today to speak to a friendly specialist.


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