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Best Things About Growing Old

Elderly man enjoying life

“Did you just call me old? I prefer the word ‘experienced’ – actor Morgan Freeman in The Lego Movie

Like all phases of life, our advancing years can come with certain challenges however these shouldn't be overshadowed by the many wonderful benefits that come with growing older. Wine gets better with age and so do we! From reaping the financial perks that come with turning 65 to the personal insights that come with decades of life experience. Find out why the twilight years can be some of your best!

Wisdom & Clarity

Studies have shown that people aged 70+ have better control over their emotions than any other age groups so the emotional and intellectual benefits are increasingly prevalent as we age. Getting older is the gift of seeing around corners where you previously didn't have much perspective.

A Happier Outlook and Perspective

Studies show that the elderly are among the happiest groups of people, and that they are significantly happier than their middle-aged counter-parts. This could be down to better coping strategies. Older people tend to have internal mechanisms to deal better with hardship or negative experiences than those who are younger. It may also mean that as we age, we are generally more comfortable in ourselves.


The benefits of reaching retirement age also include having the ability to engage in whatever activities you want to do – if you want to that is! Gardening, taking up a new hobby, travelling... Now is the time to be picky about what activities you want to do, when, and with whom!

More time for loves ones

Spending time with family, with friends, loved ones, a community, and with your Live-in Carer can all make for a happy place.


When you reach retirement, there are a variety of perks and discounts you’re entitled to. Some are offered by the government (pension and top-up, help to meet rising energy bills, free or discounted travel/days out) however the crucial thing is to actually remember to actively claim them. Other perks are offered from private companies such as discounts on tickets and events.


Growing old provides a sense of broader perspective, and it often makes people inclined to focus their energy towards creating a better place. Retired people have more time to be community and politically involved.

There are many positives about growing old, and sometimes we might need a home carer to give us a helping hand along the way. Whether it be 24/7 care or hourly care, our domiciliary carers can cater to each and every client's needs. If you or your loved one requires Live-in Care then please get in contact with Access Care on 01264 319 399.


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