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Best Mobile Phone Apps For The Elderly 2020

Best Mobile phone apps for the elderly

Mobile phone apps can be helpful to elderly people, help notify friends and relatives of a fall or emergency situation, help connect families, and keep elderly entertained. We round up our favourite mobile phone apps for the elderly to help make the most of their smart phones!

Words with Friends

Words With Friends is a great free app for iPhone and Android devices which helps keep the mind active and helps people stay connected. A game which is similar to Scrabble, this app allows you to challenge friends and family wherever they are in the world! It's a great way to stay connected to loved ones, and keep your brain working.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is a great free app which you can download on iPhones - it helps you locate your phone is you ever lose it! You can locate the phone by logging in to the iCloud and see the physical location of the phone - you can even make it play a sound so you can find it faster.


Epicurious is a free cooking app on iPhone and Android - if you love eating delicious food but need some ideas on new things to try, this app is the one for you. You can browse the recipes and ask your live-in carer to help you prepare new and exciting meals!


Skype is a free app on iPhone and Android and it helps people stay connected with video calls. You can easily make calls to your friends and family, start chats, and see your loved ones on video wherever they are in the world. Our home carers help elderly clients get in touch with family via Skype - you can download the app on your phone, table, or desktop!

Be My Eyes

This wonderful free app helps you illuminate books, newspapers, magazines, leaflets - and it can also magnify them so they're easier to read!

Red Panic Button

This free app available on iPhone and Android helps you send an emergency signal to your loved ones and domiciliary carers. Instead of wearing a button, you can press the button on your phone and it will immediately notify your designated at home carers - and it will even share your location so they can easily get to you.

We would also like to remind smart phone users that many smartphones have the ability to work for you without you having to press many buttons - for example Siri on the iPhone can make phone calls, send texts, and set reminders. This is a very helpful feature to those living with conditions such as arthritis.


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