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Activities To Do During Self Isolation & Social Distancing

Activities To Do During Social Distancing | Care At Home For Elderly

We know it can be tricky to adapt to staying in at home during quarantine and social isolation - so our team at Access Care have shared their favourite activities to do during self isolation and social distancing!

It's as important to look after your mental health as it is your physical health - it can be hard for some people to stay indoors for a long period of time. However we want everyone to take this opportunity to do something they love, take their mind away from the news, and try out fun new activities whilst staying at home:

Do A Spring Clean:

We had multiple votes on cleaning and decluttering - use the time you have at home to finally get to clean all those spaces you've been putting off for months, and declutter! You can start with your wardrobe, your attic, the spare/guest bedroom... Then sell your belongings on digital platforms like eBay (when you can), donate to charity, or put in the garage until car boots are open again.

Host A Houseparty:

Now is the perfect time to get together family and friends from near and far - download apps like Houseparty, Zoom, or Skype to get everyone together online and do a quiz, or simply have a catch up all together. You can also use FaceTime to catch up with children or grandchildren and let them show you what they have been up to at home.

Bake and Eat Your Treats:

Why not hold your own version of GBBO? Bake your favourite treats, experiment with new recipes, and enjoy eating them with a cuppa!

Get Outside In Your Garden:

Whether that is to run around with the kids, or enjoy some time gardening, it's important we spend time in fresh air and in the sunshine. Why not use this time to plant those seeds which have been sat in your cupboard for weeks? You'll have a beautiful garden to host a BBQ in once friends and family are allowed to come over!

Spend Time With Your Pet:

Our team are taking the opportunity to spend more time at home with their dogs, training them and taking time to cuddle and relax for a moment during the day! Whatever animal you have at home, we know they will be loving having you at home for extra attention.

Host A Games Night:

Get your family together and host a games night - if ever was the perfect time to get those teenagers out of their rooms, it's now! Each night one of your family members can pick their favourite game to play - grab some nibbles, get cosy and enjoy the evening.

Get Your DIY Head On:

All those tasks you wanted to do at home like paint rooms, or fix up everything that needed repairing - do it now! Grab the paint you've stored in your cupboard for months and turn your house into your dream home. Our team are paining the walls, turning summerhouses into offices (and a cheeky bar!), landscaping gardens, painting fences, and all the other tasks you can think of whilst they spend weekends at home.

Catch Up On Netflix or Prime:

We know, usually a weekend of Netflix binge watching would be naughty. But now, you are allowed to spend time catching up on your favourite documentaries, series, or movies you've been wanting to watch for ages but haven't had the time.

Find A New Hobby:

One of our team loves colouring in her Harry Potter mindfulness colouring book - we think this is a great idea, and something more of us will be doing! Discover a new hobby - this could be making jewellery, practicing yoga, learning to bake bread, even bird watching from the garden.

We'd love to hear from you - what is your favourite activity to do at home?

*We are here to help you during the pandemic if we can. We currently have qualified, vetted & expertly trained ‘Live-in Carers’ who are looking for people to care for by living with them in their own home. Offering all levels of support from companionship to complex home care for specialist conditions a ‘Live-in Carer’ will afford peace of mind for the whole family knowing loved ones are being looked after, even in isolation. Don’t assume ‘Livein Care’ is expensive or inaccessible to you. At this time, we want to help the vulnerable and sick in our community more than ever so please do call us and if we can – WE WILL. If we are unable to help you, we will do our best to sign-post you to those who can. We are here for you.

Call us today on 01264 319399 or email to find out more about domiciliary care and 24 hour care at home.


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