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5 Fun Winter Activities For Elderly People

Live-in Carer with elderly man solving a crossword puzzle

Most of us will be spending the majority of winter indoors - it's important to enjoy activities which lift our mood and stimulate our minds, whilst keeping us safe. We share some of our favourite winter activities for elderly people to enjoy together!

Bird Watching

Set up a feeder in your garden and stock up on bird food - this is better done a little ahead so the birds know where to find food and get to know your garden.

Then sit back and relax watching the birds in your garden - who will you spot this year? robins? Starlings? Blackbirds? Identifying birds is a lot of fun, and stimulating for the mind.

Complete Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind stimulated - you can do these together, or let your elderly relative enjoy independently solving puzzles which suit their interests.

Choose a puzzle suitable to their abilities - remember to pick puzzles with bigger pieces and more simple designs if your elderly relative has a condition such as early dementia.

Get Creative

There are so many ways your can get creative at home and keep your mind and hands occupied - you can bake their favourite treats and enjoy together with a cup of tea; or knit a hat/scarf to give as a gift; or create home decorations with craft supplies - perfect for Christmas!

Solve A Crossword

Crosswords are great for challenging the mind - grab a crossword book, or find one in their favourite newspaper. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, snuggled under a throw at winter.

Practice Floral Arrangements

This is such a fun activity which helps with elderly dexterity. If you need guidance, use a platform like YouTube to search for ideas and enjoy this activity together. The best part? Your home will be filled with the most beautiful arrangements which you can enjoy for many days!

Live-in Carers help keep clients healthy, safe, and happy in their own homes. All of the above activities are just some of the ways our home Carers help their clients enjoy life every day. Our domiciliary carers are more than happy to get involved with their clients activities, and often become friends through providing companion care. For more information on Live-in Care, call our friendly team on 01264 319 399.


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