Customer Service - A Magic Spell

Live-in care customer service at Access Care

“My heartfelt thanks goes to every member of the team working for Access Care. I don't think you all realise just how much responsibility you have lifted from my shoulders I feel so much more relaxed knowing that both my parents are in good hands.” Those are the heartfelt words of a daughter who feels the weight of her world has lifted now she has found the perfect solution to her parent’s care needs. What was the solution? Well, in simple terms, the introduction of a Live-in Carer. In full though, so much more. Almost 25 years of experience has taught us that merely recruiting a carer, advertising for a client and putting the two together is a recipe for disaster, so what is it that we do to prompt such glowing testimonials?

Our company mission statement sends a clear message; We provide peace of mind for your whole family by arranging the finest carers to live with people in their own homes.

The answer can be found in our mission statement, in the common purpose that drives us; ‘Peace of mind’. That’s our key, that’s our magic. And the magic is created behind the scenes, long before we even recruit a carer or a potential client makes an enquiry.

The peace of mind we afford is the result of carefully crafted customer service spells, the ingredients of which we are able to collect from those that contact us and from our years of experience, industry knowledge, common sense approaches and big hearts. We whip up a unique spell for each customer that crosses our path adding specific ingredients that we know are imperative to their own journey, to their own life and an absolute requirement for their own peace of mind.

It is predominantly the relatives of those looking for a care solution that call us. They have often considered nursing home alternatives, but their parents have expressed a desire to remain living in their own homes. Often at their wits end, in a state of crisis and burdened with a myriad of negative emotions, our job is to carefully listen, to understand, to empathise, and then to craft the spell that will work for them and them alone, not a replica of anyone else’s – just for them.

Our client's live-in care testimonial finishes with “Oh what a huge difference in the care provided - passion, love and attention to details was noticed instantly. I now walk into house which is filled with happiness and laughter, which has not been a case for two and a half years.”

Of course, giving away all our secrets would not be prudent in business terms, yet we are more than happy to share this snippet and leave you imagining a live-in care agency in Hampshire full of magicians conjuring up a perfect solution just for you. We are resolute believers in personalised customer service which we know comes from a touch of magic. One last tip – start with one question - ask yourself who exactly are my customers?

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