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Best Mobile Apps For The Elderly

Home Carer helping Live-in care client with mobile app

These days everyone has mobiles phones or even tablets, and these come with a variety of in-built and downloadable apps. A mobile app is a software application which is created specifically to be used on small and wireless devices - like mobile phones and tablets, instead of computers.

Apps allow millions of people to carry on with their hobbies and discover useful tools, all leading to a better quality of life and independence. We have chosen our favourite apps which will be useful for older people - which is your favourite? Have you got one we missed out?


With family members (especially grandchildren) located all over the world, it can be expensive to make phone calls and send text messages. With Skype you can make phone calls, send messages, and have video conversations for free with your loved ones - no matter how far they are! Both parties download the app on their mobile devices and you can communicate any time of day.


Following in the theme of communication, Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends and family which we don’t get to see very often. Facebook allows users to create profiles, share photo albums, send messages, and keep up to date with daily activities. It’s also a great place to discover local community events and get involved with what’s on in your town or city. The app is free of charge - all you need is an email address to get you started.

Pocket Physio

Care UK has created Pocket Physio - a free app which provides videos and text instructions on pre- and post- operative physio exercises. It has advice on walking with a frame on crutches, hip precautions, breathing exercises, daily movements like dressing, and getting in and out of baths and vehicles. You can establish a routine before your operation and get tips after the operation to help a quicker recovery. Bonus - it also has a reminder which you can set for your exercises!

Dragon Dictation

This free app allows those with dexterity problems dictate text and turn it into text messages, emails and even Facebook statuses. You can also dictate personal notes or reminders.


We previously spoken about pets being great companions for the elderly, but sometimes it’s just not possible to keep a pet like a dog in the house. So we want to tell you about an app created by Dogs Trust which allows you to feed, play, and walk an imaginary (but very cute!) dog pal.

BBC iPlayer

Most of us love an evening in front of the telly, but with the BBC iPlayer app you can take your favourite programs with you wherever you go - be it a weekend with your family, or a stay at the hospital. Download the app and watch your favourite programs for free.

Find My iPhone

Hands up if you have ever lost or misplaced your phone. We have all put our hands up in the office! Find My iPhone helps you log your iPhone in either your own or your families iCloud and if (more like when) you misplace it or leave it behind after a wild Bingo night, you can locate the phones whereabouts or lock it from the comfort of your own home.

Fade Fall Detector

Fade is an app designed to detect falls using some of your mobile phones sensors like the accelerometer. It has been designed specifically for people who are under the risks of falling which makes this a useful tool for the elderly. You can set up an emergency contact, and if you parent or client has fallen over it will alert you immediately - and there can be more than one emergency contact to you know someone will come to help ASAP. The app also lets you make a phone call to your emergency contact with automatic activation of the device microphone and speaker.

TuneIn Radio

With over 100,000 radio station, everyone can find what they’re looking for on TuneIn! Music is a great way to boost morale and better the quality of life for those who are confined to their beds. And it’s not just music - the app also has 4million podcasts with genres like comedy, education, opinions, amongst many more.

A Live-in Carer can help find and download relevant apps to help their client. A home carer will offer help and support to ensure their client can make the most out of the apps of interest to them!

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