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Activities For People Who Are Confined To Bed

Live in Carer with her client smiling and helping her in a wheelchaironfined to their bed

Whether it’s an injury, illness, or frailty some people need to spend long periods of time confined to their bed. This can affect their mood and ultimately well-being - as we all know it’s not much fun staring at 4 walls. But there are ways you can make the time they spend in their bed a lot more entertaining and keep their outlook on life positive!

We have put together a list of some activities which you can do with your client who is having to spend prolonged periods of time in bed:

Have a movie night

Get them to pick a film and grab their favourite snacks and drinks - then settle down in front of the TV and have a movie night in. You can then talk about the film and exchange thoughts! This can also be done with DVDs of old music concerts and performances.

Solve a puzzle, crossword of quiz

An inexpensive way to keep your client thinking and using their mind, puzzles and crossword books are available in book shops, supermarkets and news stands. Solve puzzles together, or let you client have some alone time challenging their minds with the game.

Learning a new language

Hands up who has wanted to learn a new language and never got to doing it? We’ve got our hands raised! This is a good time to try and learn phrases in new languages - go for a couple which are easy to remember like “hello”, “good bye”, “thank you”. It will be fun, will exercise the mind, and you’ll learn something new too!


Engage the upper body in physical exercise - stretching and flexing arms is good exercise; or do the moves from popular songs like YMCA and Macarena! This isn’t just fun but helps your clients get their daily dose of exercise.

Write a poem

If your client is the creative type, ask them to write a poem or a short story. Ask them to remember the relationships they had, special occasions, and anything that evokes memories or feelings - then help them write this down and start creating a poem together. You can even start a small collection of poems to share with loved ones and family as they come to visit, and keep in a scrapbook for memories.

Go outdoors

Use a wheelchair to help your client get outside in the garden or for a short walk around the neighbourhood. Fresh air and sunlight will help boost morale and keep their health in good shape. Make sure you use sunscreen and wear hats to protect from UV rays, and keep a cardigan or blanket on you so they don’t get cold.

Think about introducing a small pet

Some people like to be on their own, but some crave company. Introducing a small pet which doesn’t need constant attention (like a fish, or a budgie) will help your clients combat loneliness and have something nice to look at as well as interact with. You will need to help them feed and clean the pet, so make sure you have the capacity to do this before introducing a small pet. You can read more about pets and the elderly in our article here.

Small gifts to make them feel special

Soft pillows, warm throws, wooly socks are all things which make the perfect gift - especially when it’s chilly outside! Cheer your client up with a little gift, or give friends and family ideas on what to buy for their loved ones.

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