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Wonderful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this March

Home Carer and elderly relative walking in the garden

It’s now March and this means that Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Families across the UK will be celebrating the wonderful women in their lives on Sunday 26th March. The amazing ladies we help you to support with our live-in care services are certainly no exception to this.

Here are some of our tried and tested ideas to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day:

Enjoy the Outdoors

If your mother is mobile and able to go outside, the perfect gift would be to spend time with her outside the home doing an activity that she enjoys, or a hobby that she used to love when younger. A trip down memory lane is good for the soul.

If the weather allows, a relaxing picnic with all her favourite foods could be just the ticket to take in a bit of vitamin D and springtime fresh air.

Even a simple stroll in the sunshine with some time to catch up on life will be enjoyed and appreciated. It is the time spent together that is precious.

Take in a Little Culture

If she adores live performances, you could take her to see a play at the local theatre. If history or art is her preference, consider visiting a local museum or art gallery.

A trip to the movies for those film buff Mum’s could be the perfect gift to indulge her in a real blockbuster.

If you are going to be going out and about take care not to plan too much, though, changes in usual routine can lead to Mum tiring more quickly than usual.

Share Happiness at Home

If your mother requires live in elderly care and is unable to go far from home, there are still countless ways that you can celebrate the amazing woman she is.

No matter the situation, there are plenty of things that you can do to shower the woman who has done so much for you and your family, with love and appreciation.

Simply spending time with her in her own home and making memories will be the best gift that you can give her.

Cook up a tasty roast dinner, sit together and take in an old movie or indulge in a tipple on the patio. There’s always scrabble or dominoes if you are up for the challenge. Be careful though Mum’s years of experience could give you a run for your money.

Being together, taking it easy and enjoying some quality time in each other’s company is what counts on this special occasion that is Mothers Day.

Shower Mum with Gifts

The need for some types of live-in care can sometimes mean that Mum is not able to leave home due to physical limitations. Should this be the case there are many wonderful presents that you can give to ensure that she feels loved and appreciated by her family, and to show her that you are thinking of her.

Here are some of our favourite gift ideas:

Spoil her with a luxury hamper that is filled with soaps and bath salts which will add a lovely aroma to her room - you can even include biscuits too if she has a sweet tooth!

You have made lots of special memories share them by giving a digital photo frame showing precious photos of your mother and her family. If you fancy going the extra mile photograph-wise, you could recreate old childhood photos, adding a sentimental touch.

We think all Mums love to receive new pyjamas, dressing gowns, or slippers. They add a touch of extra comfort to relaxing evenings, and a little bit of cosy to chilly mornings.

Let’s not forget the classic gifts of flowers and chocolates. We can’t think of a mother who wouldn’t raise a smile at receiving beautiful blooms, tasty confectionery, or indeed both.

Remember, no matter what you give to celebrate the amazing woman that she is, Mother’s Day is about spending time with her and showing her just how much you love and appreciate her.

Have a great Mother’s Day on Sunday 26th March - she will definitely love what you have planned!

Happy Mothers Day from all at Access Care.

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