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Remember Remember To Stay Safe This 5th Of November

Fireworks with Live-in Care logo

Remember, Remember the 5th of November; the night where people gather to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at firework displays both large and small everywhere from back gardens to public parks to celebrate the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’s attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

It’s just around the corner and whilst the stunning displays light up the night skies across our fair land and millions of us stand and marvel at the sheer beauty – for some people (and indeed pets) the evening can cause heightened anxiety and may even be a frightening experience. The elderly is one group susceptible to feelings of discomfort around this time and with them in mind we thought we’d note down a few top tips to help:

  • Health conditions. For those with and form of heart/mental condition and/or respiratory problems – it may be a better idea to enjoy the night from the comfort and warmth of home. Watching the firework displays from the window is just as fun and much safer. Top tip: Ask a Live-in Carer to turn the lights off indoors to help make the experience better and pop on some classical music to deafen the bangs!

  • Loud Noises. If you do chose to go to an event this bonfire night (or even at home), it will help to wear ear defenders. You can buy these in many country stores on online. This way, you can enjoy the night without jumping every time you hear a bang!

  • Firework displays and events. If you do venture out, then it is advisable to attend a professionally organised firework display. These events will be adhering to strict fire safety regulations and will provide a good/safe area where you can enjoy the display safely.

  • Keep warm. It’s all over the weather - the temperature is dropping this week, especially towards the weekend and standing around at night can get very chilly! Make sure to wrap up warm with hats, scarfs and gloves and if you are wheelchair bound ask you Live-in Carer to take blankets and a warm drink to sip throughout the evening.

  • Sparklers. If you are going to be lighting sparklers, then here are some safety tips to help. Always hold the sparklers at arm’s length away from your body. Only light one sparkler at a time. Have a bucket of water/sand for you to then put your sparklers in hot end down. Be aware of any loose clothing.

  • Pets. If you do have pets who aren’t very keen on the loud noises of the firework displays that are nearby, they’re some tips that can help. Make sure all windows and curtains are closed to reduce the sound outside. You can turn on the television or radio. If you have any dogs, make sure you take them for a good long walk before the evening begins so they are tired and more likely to snooze the night away. Some pets may hide under furniture, make sure that you leave them; they are creating a safe environment for themselves and coaxing them out may provoke more stress for them. If your dog has a crate that is their ‘safe’ place it may be wise to pop them in during the evening (and pop the radio near It’s best to wait until the fireworks have stopped and then comfort them.

To summarise, make the evening work for you and the people/animal you care for and love, a Live-in Carer can help you to safely enjoy the fireworks and the magic of the evening, however you wish.

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