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Access Care & The Orchid

Logo of a Live-in Care home carer agency

We are often asked why we chose the orchid to represent our company. Well, there are a few answers, the most significant of which is that throughout history, many cultures believed in the healing and protective properties of the orchid.

The Victorians displayed them like treasures symbolising luxury and refined taste. Still today, the flower carries an unrivalled suggestion of gentle refinement and manages to retain its association with very special occasions. Prized for their longevity, it is our kinship to the aforementioned qualities that has led us to encompass this beautiful flower as the symbol of our Live-in Care Agency.

A fair few years ago now our company colours were blue and green like so many others in the health & social care and private carers sector in the UK (think NHS for one) - we wanted to stand out so went searching for another lead colour. Our research led us to pink for a couple of reasons; firstly we noted that over 85% of people we speak to on a daily basis are ladies (as predominently it is ladies who arrange care for people) and seconfly we knew that the colour pink stands for compassion and hope! Bingo - that's us then - the orchid, the colour pink and Access Care became connected - and we are told time and time again how much people like it.

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