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Live-in Carer FAQ's

Q. What is a ‘Live-in Carer’?

A ‘Live-in Carer’ is a professionally qualified carer who lives in the home of the person they are caring for. They Can live with that person for a little as a week or for several weeks at a time. Often Live-in Carers will take a week/two to rest and then return, providing continuity of care and regular work for themselves. 


Q. How much will I get paid? 

A. Every booking (this is what we call a job), is different. We discuss a suggested rate with new clients based on the needs of the condition. However, ultimately as a self-employed Live-in Carer you can suggest your own rate. This would be the amount you would like to earn; we will then present to the client for you.


Q. Why is being self-employed beneficial? 

A. Being a self-employed Live-in Carer allows you the freedom to choose your clients. You can also choose your rate, location and the amount of Live-in care work you want. We help you by discussing your ideal client and your availability to work. We then match the dates to the Live-in care bookings (this is what we call a job) we have. Being a self-employed Live-in Carer provides a great work/life balance and lots of flexibility.


Q. How much work can I get?

A. That is really up to you and what work patterns you are looking for! We have a selection of Live-in care bookings (this is what we call a job), with varying dates and lengths. If your profile matches the needs of the clients, you are able come forward for as many Live-in care jobs as you like. The same way you have the freedom to choose your clients, our clients have the right to pick the self-employed Live-in Carer they want from a selection.


Q. Do I need experience?

A. To be a self-employed Live-in Carer, you will need provide us with Live-in care Training certificates. The subjects we would be looking for are (First Aid, Moving & Handling, Safeguarding People from Abuse and Medication). Beyond this we ensure the Live-in Carer we present to our client has the correct levels of experience to match the client’s condition. And of course, the more bookings (this is what we call a job), you take on the more Live-in care experience you gain!

Q. What happens if my client wakes up during the night?  

A. As you know, this is all part of the job of a self-employed ‘Live-in Carer’. Your client may well wake up a couple of times a night. We know that our lovely self-employed Live-in Carers don’t mind this at all. If, however, your client is waking up and needing your help a lot then during the night. We need to help the family arrange more care for them. Just give the office a call and we will be happy to help.


Q. Do I have to provide Live-in care for anyone else in the house, other than the client?  

A. When we advertise a booking (this is what we call a job), let you know how many people you would be looking after. It might be that some of our clients are married or live with other family members. If this is the case they may have asked us to find them a carer happy to cook for them too. They may have also asked for you to pop the washing in the machine for everyone. It’s part of living with a family. If any ‘extra care’ is needed for other family members you would of course be paid for that service We will have also included it in the terms of the job before giving you the details.


Q. Do I need to pay for and bring my own PPE?   

A. Yes, you do. As a self-employed Live-in Carer you need to buy your own gloves, aprons, masks, anti-bac gels etc. Do remember though that you are able to claim for it as an ‘allowable business expense’. Here’s a handy link for more info on this -  allowable business expense


Q. Do I have to pay for travel?   

A. Yes, pretty much all the time as you are travelling to and from your place of work.

It might be that paid travel is a requirement of yours in order to be presented to the client. If this is the case, then you would need to make this clear to us when coming forward for the booking. This is so we can let the client know your request of travel costs being covered. Ultimately it is down to the client whether or not they are happy to cover this.

Q. What do I need to register with you?

A. To register with Access Care as a self-employed Live-in Carer we will check your:

Identity, right to work in the UK, Training, Experience, Work history, Criminal Record, References, UTR number, Hobbies & Interests.

For more information, visit (Link to Registration Requirements Page).

Q. Where can I work?    

A. Where would you like to work, this is the question? The beauty of being a self-employed Live-in Carer is that you can choose where you work. You can even choose how long you work for and how much you earn, how lovely is that!


Q. How quickly can I get work?    

A. This depends exactly what you are looking for, and what your requirements for work are. Once registered as a self-employed Live-in Carer, if you are happy to take work then we can find you work very quickly. The longer the list of requirements you have, then it may take us longer to find your perfect client. We promise to always keep you informed of how we are doing when looking for work for you. If you want an update at any time, just give us a call, we are always happy to help.

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