Live-in Care For The Elderly

We provide private live-in care at home for elderly people. Our bespoke service enables elderly people to choose the person who comes to live with them in their home and aims to cause as little disruption to their lives as possible. Live-in carers for the elderly offer their services discreetly and for the discerning client will not only endeavour to be a constant source of practical help, but also become excellent companion.

Live-in care is an increasingly popular alternative to moving into a care home, and for the elderly, it is the perfect solution that offers the care, companionship and help required whilst affording them to remain living in their own home. An especially appealing option if an elderly parent may get upset and confused by the thought of having to move away from their own home. Because the Carer is literally living-in the home of their clients, they are on hand as and when needed, whether that be day or night. Carers obviously do not work 24hrs a day, but they are there to support as needed throughout the 24hr period and as such an elderly parent is able to remain in control of their day, choosing to bathe, eat, go out as and when they wish.

Caring for elderly parents is not easy for many busy working families and arranging for a Carer to live-in helps to alleviate worries and concerns all round. Carers can help the elderly in so many ways and may start as companions & housekeepers at first and gradually, over time, seamlessly transition into the role of Carer. 

Some common ways in which live-in carers help their elderly clients are:

  • Bringing a cup of tea in bed in the morning, opening the curtains and saying good morning

  • Helping to get up, washed & dressed for the day

  • Cooking a nutritious breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • Providing companionship, conversation & laughter

  • Accompanying to go to appointments, social gatherings and family events

  • Cleaning the home, washing & ironing the laundry

  • Walking & feeding pets

  • Pottering in the garden together

  • Reminding to take medication

  • Helping to settle for bed at the end of the day

  • Supporting night-time bathroom visits

There are many Carers who have a wealth of experience and are especially skilled at giving more complex care. They can help with a myriad of conditions and can assist with:

  • Hoisting

  • Catheters & Commodes

  • Home ventilation and respiratory support

  • Head and spinal injury

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Gastrostomy and nasogastric feeding

  • Continence care

​Our live-in Carers care for clients with all manner of conditions. Many of their clients are frail and elderly but some have underlying health conditions too such as:

  • Parkinson's

  • Stroke

  • Alzheimer's

  • Dementia

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Cancer


​Live-in Carers for the elderly are friendly and compassionate, gentle and kind. When end of life is approaching, they really come in to their own. They are trained to provide social and emotional support and importantly will always deliver care with dignity and privacy. Live-in Carers will happily work with other medical professionals should the need arise too. Often other family members need care and support too, especially for their emotional well-being and live-in carers are perfectly placed to provide this too.

Our Live-in carers care for elderly people living alone and for elderly couples too. Not only is live-in care for a couple incredibly cost effective when compared to a double occupancy in a care home, but ensuring that your parents can remain living together in their own home with their possessions and memories is truly priceless.

Call our friendly team today to see how we can help your eldely parents with live-in care on 0800 980 3958


Click the play button on the video below to head about Jack and Catherine's experience with live-in care!

Mr. Tyler

“Both my father and I found his carer extremely personable, friendly and very caring. She has a bubbly sense of humour which makes my father smile; even laugh. My father can be a very difficult person at the best of times, however, she has found how to handle him; firm and fair.”

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