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12 Things To Do In Spring!

 Live-in carer with elderly gentleman in garden

Spring is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to get out and about, enjoy some fresh air and sunshine! At Access Care, we are excited to greet spring and the warm weather that comes with it - so we wanted to share with you some activities you can get involved in too!

  • Go birdwatching – go to your local park and take some bird seeds to attract different birds. If you have binoculars, take them with you and sit, relax and watch the wildlife around you.

  • Visit a market – there will be fresh spring fruit and vegetables for you to buy! Local, seasonal produce is the best!

  • Now that the weather is getting more bearable, if you have a dog take it for a longer walk. They will appreciate more time outside and it will be healthy for both you and your dog. Ask your live-in carer to help you!

  • Arrange a day trip. Make the most of your days with more sun and less rain. Go to the beach, a museum, a zoo or somewhere you have never been before. Your home carer can come with you and help you make the journey easier.

  • Read a book outside. As the weather is getting a little warmer and the sun is coming out, take advantage of this and sit outside and read a book. Make sure to take a cosy blanket or throw with you to keep warm!

  • If you do love to read and you haven’t already, join your local book club. It will help you to go out and socialise and read some new books.

  • Have a picnic. Make a basket of delicious spring food you bought at the marker and take it to your local park to enjoy. Ask your live-in carer to pack your picnic basket filled with your favourite snacks.

  • Go out into your garden and plant a flower or two - your private carer will help you look after your garden and enjoy it throughout spring/summer.

  • From our winter blogs, we showed you how to make a DIY bird feeder. Now spring is here and the birds are chirping, make some more bird feeders following our simple steps and enjoy wildlife in your garden.

  • Visit a botanical garden. This can be a lovely day out with family, friends, or your live-in carer.

  • Go and visit a historical site. Visit a local site or take a trip to one further away - your live-in carer will help arrange the trip and take you to your chosen destination. There are usually some beautiful sights to explore locally without venturing too far!

  • Attend a community event – look online or in the local newspaper to see what events are going on near you. Ask your living-in carer to help you with finding events and taking you to them.

If you or your loved one can benefit from having a live-in carer, we can make that happen - fast! Call us on 01264 319 399 or email to enquire about our domiciliary services and live-in care services.


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