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Why Do We Meet Our Registered Live-in Carers In Person?

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Our Recruitment Department often gets asked: "Why do you meet your live-in carers in person? Can't you jump on a phone call or Zoom?"

Here at Access Care live-in care agency based in Hampshire, we pride ourselves in finding the correct match of live-in carer for our clients, and the correct match of client for our carers. But how are we so confident in our match making process?

Well the answer to this is that we meet with all our live-in carers and clients and ensure that we spend quality time with both of them to get to know them and what they are looking for.

Every home carer that is looking to register with Access Care MUST attend one of our Registration Days to register with us. Our Registration Days are fun and informative and really are designed for us to get to know our carers as best as we can and to find out what it is they are looking for from a job/client. This is an important part of the match making process that we do here behind the scenes when matching our home carers with our clients. The day is also designed for the carers to get to know us too, and how to get work effectively via our live-in care agency.

Sometimes carers ask if they need to come to visit us as it is far from where they live, the answer to this is always YES! We want to meet them personally and really see their great personality shine through! We want to be able to introduce our live-in carers to the best clients that really suit them, their personality and skill set, and we believe we can only do this for carers if we know personally how GREAT they really are!

Sometimes this may involve a little travel to get here, however the benefits our carers will reap from this will definitely outweigh any travel time and effort.

So if you're a live-in carer and would like to join the live-in care agency who has a personal touch and makes time to get to know their carers and clients personally - call our team on 01264 319399.

We can't wait to meet you!


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