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Live-in Care Or Care Home?

Live-in Care or Care Home? | Access Care Live-in Care Agency

We regularly speak to people who have a loved one in need of care. Often the biggest challenge (other than doing the right thing) is to make a choice between Live-in Care or residential care. From our years of experience, we feel the benefits of live-in care outweigh the perceived convenience of residential care on so many levels.

Cost is often the ‘quantifiable’ comparison point. The reality is the cost is typically similar with Live-in Care being the cost-effective option, especially if you are looking for care for a couple. The level of care provided with live-in care is second to none as it is one to one care, delivering what the client needs, when the client needs it, based on a bespoke care plan… no 'one size fits all' care here! No waiting for a member of staff to be free or an allocated slot on a schedule of care for several people. Your loved one will have a cup of tea or drink when they want it, rather than when someone happens to pop in and notice they’re thirsty or at allotted times. Hydration is such a critical factor in our health, more so with someone who has a challenge health or age wise.

Live-in care also enables someone to remain living independently, in the comfort of their own home with all their belongings around them, including pets. Familiar surroundings help in so many ways, particularly if your loved one has dementia. The benefit of familiar belongings and photos encourage conversation and a sense of normality and dignity.

Live-in carers care for their clients in so many ways. Cooking home-cooked meals to recipes the client may have enjoyed for many years. We often hear from delighted relatives who have visited a client to see them looking healthier than they can remember due to an increase in regular meals, often cooked and eaten together with the carer. Families can enjoy visiting their loved ones again once a live-in carer/housekeeper in is residence. The additional benefit to having a live-in carer is that a house becomes a home again with someone taking care of day to day chores and finishing touches.

Typically, one of the first things to fall by the wayside when someone is struggling for whatever reason are their hobbies and interests. A live-in carer can support someone in living their best life whether that be to see friends, make it to church or to pop to the shops.

Above are a small selection of the key reasons we believe Live-in Care is the best option. The stats back up what we believe with one third less falls and hip fractures in the elderly who live at home with a live-in carer. 98% of live-in care clients say the care and support they receive helps them have a better quality of life and allows them choice and freedom (Live-in Care Hub Better At Home Report 2019)

Live-in care is suitable for the full range of challenges from companionship and housekeeping through to complex needs and end of life care. Call our friendly live-in care advisor to talk about arranging live-in care for your family: 0800 980 3958 (freephone) or email


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