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Exploring Care Options: Insights from the Live In Care Hub's 'Choices in Care' Report

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Making decisions about long-term care for our ageing loved ones can feel daunting. This is where The Live In Care Hub's latest report steps in, their new report, "Choices in Care," offers valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate this important journey. 

In our next blog post, we're excited to provide you with an Access Care sneak peek of The Live-in Care Hub’s latest report, by summarising its key points, ideas, and topics. But don't forget to click the link at the end of the blog for the full report, which we highly recommend!

In the report you will find thorough research and analysis which showcases the wide variety of available care options. From hourly home care to 24-hour live-in care, residential homes, or relying on friends and family, it empowers families to make informed decisions that prioritise the comfort, well-being, and autonomy of their loved ones. 

Exploring the Four Main Care Options

The report delves into the four primary care models in the UK: Family and Friends, Hourly Visiting Home Care, Residential Care, and 24 Hour Live-in Care. While each option has its positives, it is clear that the benefits of 24 hour live-in care are hard to beat. Unlike traditional care settings, live-in care offers personalised support tailored to the client’s unique needs, which helps to promote independence and quality of life. 

Live-in Care: A Safer Option?

The Care Choices report also highlights a major and significant benefit of live-in care: the rate of hip fractures among live-in care clients is three times lower than those in residential care. According to The Live In Care Hub’s study, live-in care providers reported an average rate of 6 hip fractures per 100 live-in care users. In contrast, their study of care homes in Boston (Lincolnshire, UK) revealed a 3 x higher rate, of 17 hip fractures per 100 residents annually. This massive difference highlights the importance of 24-hour live-in care in reducing the risk of hip fractures and, consequently, enhancing the safety and well-being of home care clients.

Prioritising Health, Independence, and Happiness

We’re sure you agree, that when it comes to full-time care, prioritising quality is essential. The Choices in Care report compares the experiences of care home residents and live-in care clients, revealing that 24 Hour live-in care offers superior quality of care and greater autonomy. With dedicated support from live-in carers, people are able to maintain their independence and lead fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own home.

Navigating Finances

While cost is a factor to consider, the report emphasises that quality of care should take precedence. It provides really useful insights into the variability of care costs and gives expert guidance on finding the best possible care that meets your loved one's needs and preferences while ensuring their comfort and safety.

Take Action Today

To delve deeper into the insights and recommendations provided in "The Live In Care Hub's Choices in Care" report, we encourage you to download the full document and give it a read. Start the conversation, explore the options, and empower your family to make the best care choices for your loved ones. 

Click here to view the report and embark on the journey toward compassionate, personalised care be it live-in care, or otherwise.


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