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Being The Best Live-In Carer In The UK

Why Do I Have To Register With Access Care Every Two Years And What Do I Have To Do?

Elderly woman sitting with live-in carer in her Hampshire garden

Every good self-employed Live-in Carer wants to provide the best in home care services they can and be the best carer they can be, and we want to help you! One of the ways you can do this - keep your qualifications and ID checks current! Why? To keep vulnerable adults in the UK as safe as we possibly can.

All registered Home Carers with Access Care are required to re-register every 2 years to so we can promise our Clients that the Carers (you) that we recommend to them for work are the best that the UK has to offer. Our clients are assured that you take pride In your job and that you want your clients to feel safe In the knowledge that you do everything you can to be one of the best there is.

What Do You Need To Do?

Re-registering Is just an update of your registration so we will look again at your:

  • Complete Live-in Carer Re-registration Application Form

  • Identification documents/Right to work In the UK

  • Live-in Care Training Qualifications

  • DBS Criminal Record Check

First you will need to complete the re-registration form. This gives us the opportunity to update your contact information as well as your Live-in carer profile. This will also allow you the opportunity to go over your carer profile and give it a little spruce up. Remember your carer profile is how you will stand out from the crowd when being presented to bookings - It Is your chance to sell yourself - the better you make your profile the more chance you have of finding your perfect Live In Care Job In the UK.

ID Documents

We will need to re check your ID documents whilst you are going through the re-registration project. 3 of the most commonly used ID documents are:

  • Valid Passport

  • Valid Driving Licence

  • Bank statement and or utility bill dated within the last 3 months.

There are alternatives so fear not if you do not have one of the documents listed, get in touch with one of the team for any of the alternatives. We will then need to check the ID copies against the real thing so please make sure you have them to hand when you are asked to present them to the ID checker. Your right to work document if applicable will need to be provided at this point.

Training Certificates

Training certificates will need to be provided for courses you have attended In the past two years; Access Care Training Limited offers training courses should you need. However, if you choose to complete training elsewhere, be mindful the quicker you send the certificates the quicker we can get them verified and listed on your profile to show your clients how well you are trained.


Disclosure & Barring Service Certificate also known as a DBS Certificate. We need to check your DBS every two years. The cheapest and quickest option would be to have a DBS certificate on the governments update service. We are able to apply for a new enhanced DBS certificate at an additional cost, the timeframe can vary however there is a few things you can do to speed it up.

Completing any forms, payment for the certificate and sending through your ID documents promptly will allow us to be able to apply for the certificate.

I'm Lauren - and my job is to 're-register Access Care's Live-in Care Workers every two years. I am here for you, to help you be the best Living in Carer you can be. Remember stay in touch and ask for help or any questions no matter how trivial they may seem.


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