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Were You Born To Be A Live-In Carer?

Home carer with elderly lady smiling

Have you always been a compassionate, caring, and reliable individual? Are you currently a live-in carer, or are thinking of starting a career in home care? We want to tell you a little bit more about what it’s like to be a self-employed live-in carer, and help you decide if this is the right career choice for you - because there are so many care positions available, and carers are always in demand!

First of all, your personality and attitude are big factors when deciding if care work is right for you. Private carers love to help others, are empathic, hard working, and reliable individuals - they are also very organised! You’ll need to know when to give certain clients medication, abide by time schedules, sometimes organise client transport to the hospital, and make sure everything is running smoothly to avoid stressing out your client. As a self employed live-in carer, you will find that clients have individual needs from companionship care, to advanced care - and you can choose the clients you would like to work with.

Because you will be living in your client’s house, you will really get to know them and build a relationship with them. As with most things in life, communication is key - so you have to have good communication skills to provide your client with the support and friendship they need. You’ll get a chance to get to know their hobbies, interests, spend time doing things together - and really see what a difference you can make to someone’s quality of life. How about that for job satisfaction?

Your client is looking for live-in care because they want to remain independent in their own home, and live life to the full - this includes day trips, activities, holidays, gardening, cooking, or painting together, amongst many more enjoyable things. So an energetic and enthusiastic attitude is also required!

But even though this is a fun, varied, and rewarding role, we all still do a job to get paid. So how does live-in care work measure up to other care sectors? Generally, live-in care roles tend to pay higher - and as a self-employed live-in carer you can even negotiate your day rates. Plus, because you are living with your client typically your meals will be covered as you’ll cook and eat together, and other living costs involved in helping your client i.e. petrol.

If you decide to pursue a career in live-in care, we are here to help you! We hold regular training sessions in our Head Office in Andover, Hampshire and can get you set up to start working as a registered Access Care live-in carer in no time! Call us on 01264 319399 or email

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