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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will I get paid? 

A. Every booking (job) is different- we discuss a suggested rate with new clients based on the needs of the condition, but ultimately as a Self-Employed Care worker you are able to suggest your own rate which we can then present to the client.

Q. Why is being Self-Employed beneficial? 

A. Being a Self-Employed Care worker allows you the freedom to choose your clients, your rate, location and the amount of work you want. We help you by discussing your ideal client and your availability and then we match the dates to the bookings we have.

Q. How much work can I get?

A. It’s really up to you! We have a selection of bookings with varying dates and lengths, and if your profile matches the needs of the clients you are able come forward for as many jobs as you want. The same way you have the freedom to choose your clients, our clients have the right to select the carer they want from a selection.

Q. Do I need experience?

A. You will need provide us with training certificates in relevant subjects (First Aid, Moving & Handling, Safeguarding and Medication). Beyond this we just make sure we present you to a suitable client based on your levels of experience. And of course, the more bookings you take on the more experience you gain!

Q. Why Access Care? 

A. We are a friendly, family run company with a small, dedicated team. We keep in regular contact with you, we listen and we are here to support you through the process. You also benefit from extras like a monthly Newsletter keeping you updated on important information, a Carer/ Client referral scheme where you can earn a £100 gift card each time you register a new person, and fantastic Social Media Community pages where you can connect with other registered carers and share tips, advice and stories. 

Q. What happens if my client wakes up during the night?  

A. As you know, this is all part of the job of a ‘Live-in Carer’. Your client may well wake up a couple of times a night we know that our lovely Carers don’t mind this at all. If, however, your client is waking up and needing your help a lot then we need to help the family arrange more care for them. Just give the office a call and we will be happy to help.

Q. Do I have to provide care for anyone else in the house, other than the client?  

A. When we advertise a booking ( this is what we call a job), let you know how many people you would be looking after. Some of our clients are married/live with other family members so they may have asked us to find them a carer happy to cook meals for them too/or pop the washing in the machine for everyone. It’s part of living with a family. If any ‘extra care’ is needed for other family members you would of course be paid for that service, and we will have included it in the terms of the job. 

Q. Do I need to pay for and bring my own PPE?   

A. Yes, you do. As a Self-Employed Carer you need to buy your own gloves, aprons, masks, anti-bac gels etc – do remember though that you are able to claim for it as an ‘allowable business expense’ – Here’s a handy link for more info on this -  allowable business expense

Q. Do I have to pay for travel?   

A. Yes, pretty much all the time as you are travelling to and from your place of work. If, for any reason the Client, wishes to offer ‘travel included’ we would put this on the terms of the booking to let you know. 


Q. Where can I work?    

A. Where would you like to work? This is the question. The beauty of being self-employed is that you can choose where you work and how long you work for and even how much you earn! How lovely is that!

Q. Can I register with Access Care online?     

A. Absolutely – Well at least you can start the process. There are a few forms to complete that we’ll send you and we obviously want to have a good conversation with you to check we are the right ‘live-in care agency’ for you. Ready to get started? Please CLICK HERE to start the process. 

Q. How quickly can I get work?    

A. This depends exactly what you are looking for. Once you are registered, if you are happy to take work then we can find you work very quickly – the longer the list of requirements you have, then it may take us longer to find your perfect client. We promise to always keep you informed of how we are doing when looking for work for you and if you want an update at any time, just give us a call.

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