Live-in Carer reading a book to her elderly client

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: In simple terms, Access Care is a matchmaking agency - we match clients (people who need care & support to live at home) to care workers (people like you)! 


Q: Why do I have to pay for my training?

A:  The training courses advertised on this site are run by a separate company. Because we are not 'employers' we do not offer training. If you book on a course run by Access Care Training Limited you own your certificates too and you can join as many agencies as you like to increase your chances of finding work. We only accept carers that have recent training. You can train anywhere and present your certificates to us. We will verify them and see if they match our criteria.


Q: Could I be a live in care worker?

A: If you are kind, honest, devoted, happy, loyal & trustworthy; if you have time to dedicate, the desire to care, the willingness to go that extra mile........... then YES!


Q: I want to start a career in caring but have no experience, is this OK?  

A: This is absolutely fine. Although we very much value the experience some carers bring to us and their clients we are always looking for new carers who have the right personality and attitude to become great carers. 


Q:  What does live in care actually mean?  

A: Live in care is exactly that. You will live in your clients home for a minimum of a one week booking. You are there to provide the continuity of care that our clients love. We will work with you and the client to establish how long your booking will be and you will typically know in advance what your working pattern will be.  


Q: I don’t drive, will this be an issue?  

A: Not at all. We do have clients who request a driving carer but many don’t require you to drive. You will need to plan your travel to and from your clients’ home and allow plenty of time to do this, especially if you are using public transport!  


Q: Who pays for my food & travel? 

A: For the majority of our Bookings - you are responsible for your own travel costs to and from your client's home. Your client will normally include your food with their shop - the idea is (unless we are asked otherwise) to enjoy food and mealtimes together as a social occasion.


Q: I have my own family and friends that I want to spend time with, how will that work being a live in care worker?  

A: We find many of our carers do this job because they need or want the flexibility this role gives them. You are self-employed so can plan when you want to work and when you’d like to take time off.


Q: How much will I get paid?   

A: Day rates vary from £87 - £125 a day dependant on the clients’ needs. Access Care will present your profile to clients with your preferred daily rate which we ask you when you register with us. We cannot guarantee you will get paid your preferred daily rate but we do our best to negotiate this for you! Don’t forget as you are self-employed you will be responsible for paying your own tax bill.  

Q: Do I have to pay you commission?   

A: We take no commission from you as the client looks to us to provide them with a service. You invoice the client directly who pays you.  We do not become involved. However, we are available by phone and email to support you in your work and

ensure you feel one of our Access Care Family.

Mrs. Heslop

"I am sure I can confirm on behalf of all members of the family that we have been extremely satisfied with Edit’s care of my mother. Her positive and cheerful approach has helped my mother a great deal. She shows enormous empathy and has worked very well as part of a team. She is a very efficient and responsible carer and always trying to find new ways to stimulate my mother’s memory."